By establishing corporate processes, we are visually aligning organizations to achieve their strategic goals in a clear, effective, more efficient, and predictable manner.

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Wasted Time

Unlock unmatched efficiency and productivity in your organization with our tailored solutions, focusing on precise identification and eradication of time-wasters through streamlined processes and innovative strategies, ensuring every minute contributes to your success.

Missed Opportunities

Seize every opportunity with our targeted approach to organizational development, leveraging data-driven insights and tailor-made strategies to pinpoint and rectify areas where opportunities are frequently missed. Our specialized processes focus on enhancing decision-making, optimizing resource allocation, and fostering a culture of agility, ensuring your organization never misses a beat on the path to success.

Unnecessary Delays & Errors

Cut through the chaos of delays and errors with our precision-focused organizational development solutions, where we implement a blend of lean methodologies and cutting-edge technology to meticulously analyze and overhaul your existing processes. By identifying specific bottlenecks and error-prone areas, we craft bespoke strategies that not only expedite workflows but also enhance the accuracy of outcomes, driving your organization towards peak efficiency and reliability.

Outdated & Ineffective Tools

Navigate the challenges of outdated or ineffective tools with our bespoke organizational development services, where we conduct a thorough analysis of your current toolset to identify inefficiencies and misalignments with your business objectives. By integrating state-of-the-art technologies and custom-designed processes, we not only upgrade your toolkit but also ensure its perfect harmony with your operational needs, leading to enhanced productivity, reduced waste, and a robust foundation for scalable growth.

Inconsistent Growth

We tackle inconsistent growth by first conducting a thorough analysis of your business to identify underlying issues, then crafting and implementing a comprehensive strategy that includes process optimization, technology upgrades, and workforce training. This holistic approach ensures not only the stabilization of growth patterns but also positions your organization for sustainable, long-term success through improved efficiency and productivity.

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Our Solutions provide you with...

Consistent Revenue Forecasting

We enhance consistent revenue forecasting by leveraging advanced data analytics and process re-engineering, coupled with the latest forecasting technologies, to provide a precise, data-driven foundation for financial predictions. This strategic approach not only boosts forecasting accuracy but also significantly improves operational efficiency and productivity, ensuring a stable and predictable financial future for your organization.

Decreased Operating Costs

Our approach to decreasing operating costs centers on streamlining operational processes, integrating advanced technologies, and optimizing supply chains, all aimed at eliminating inefficiencies and reducing expenditures. These targeted strategies not only lower costs but also boost organizational productivity and efficiency, ensuring sustainable financial health and competitive advantage.

Increased Customer Experience

Our targeted approach to improving customer experience centers around in-depth customer journey mapping and process optimization, coupled with the integration of advanced technologies and employee training programs. By focusing on continuous feedback and performance monitoring, we ensure not only an enhanced customer journey but also a significant boost in your organization's efficiency and productivity, leading to sustained customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Better Decision Making

Our specialized approach to enhancing decision-making combines advanced data analytics, streamlined information flows, and the implementation of structured decision-making frameworks, all aimed at providing actionable insights and fostering a data-driven culture. This strategic methodology not only sharpens your organization's decision-making capabilities but also significantly boosts efficiency and productivity, driving sustainable growth and success.

Faster Staff Onboarding

Our approach to improving staff onboarding combines the creation of customized onboarding plans and interactive learning modules with a strong emphasis on mentorship and support systems, ensuring a seamless and engaging integration process for new hires. By focusing on continuous feedback, performance tracking, and cultural immersion initiatives, we not only expedite the journey to productivity for new employees but also enhance their long-term engagement and retention, contributing to the overall efficiency and success of your organization.

Clarity to Scale

Our organizational development services streamline your company's scaling journey by identifying and redesigning inefficient processes, integrating advanced technologies, and enhancing workforce skills to support growth. By focusing on strategic planning, performance metrics, and effective change management, we provide the clarity and infrastructure needed for sustainable expansion, ensuring your organization thrives in an evolving market.

Maximum Efficiency Rates

Our methodical approach to enhancing organizational efficiency revolves around conducting detailed process audits, implementing lean management principles, and integrating advanced technologies to streamline operations. By focusing on continuous improvement, performance benchmarking, and employee empowerment, we ensure your organization achieves maximum efficiency rates, leading to unparalleled productivity and sustained growth.

Our Solutions have helped these organizations and more...

  • Advent Health
  • Avant
  • Junior Achievement
  • JMeyers Insurance
  • Mills Nebraska
  • Revive Kitchen
  • Arising Co
  • Foxen Productions
  • Yes Home Loans


A structured and adaptable Sales process allows for better tracking of key metrics, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and continuously optimize their sales strategies for sustainable growth. When you can identify and address bottlenecks or inefficiencies, improved sales performance and revenue generation are within reach.

Strategic Planning

MVP Catalog

KPI Clarity Worksheets

Ideal Customer Profiles

Menu of Services

Goal to KPI Analysis

Speed of Execution

Sales Cycle Creation

Pursuit Assessments

Customer Journey Maps

Account Based Strategy


Effective HR processes contribute to creating a positive work environment and fostering employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention, which are vital for overall business success and growth.

Succession Planning

Change Management Plans

Onboarding Checklist

Talent Behavior Assessments

Employee Assessments

Pay Structure Benchmarking

Organizational Assessment

Turnover Calculators

Prehire Checklist

EQ Assessments

Career Ladders

Development Plans


Improved productivity and reduced costs while meeting the needs of your customers are the goals of operational processes. It helps to maintain quality standards to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty which is the framework for scaling and growth.

Process Mapping

Decision Trees

Rules of Communication

Input & Output Maps

Direct Report Worksheets

Action Plans

Responsibility Charts

Problem Solving Maps

Production Scorecards

Standard Op Procedures

Process Documentation

Contingency Plans


Having well-defined IT processes is crucial for business success because it ensures consistency and reliability in delivering the overall company services. Clear processes in IT can enhance operational efficiency and reduce downtime while facilitating effective problem-solving and decision-making opportunities, enabling the business to respond to challenges and marketplace changes swiftly and strategically.

New Employee Provisioning

LMS Development

Clean Reporting

Swimlane Analysis

CRM Development

Data Systems Alignment

EOS Development

Macro Automations


Having clarity of cash management with well-defined processes can help reduce the risk of overspending or undercharging for services to ultimately improve the overall financial health of the business. This enables better decision-making by providing accurate and timely financial information, leading to improved strategic planning and investment opportunities.

ROI Calculators

Cost Calculations

Gain & Fade Analysis

Financial Sheet Analysis

ROE Calculators

Economy of Scale

Cashflow Funding Gaps

Dupont Analysis

4 Quick Steps

Our approach begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your company's processes to pinpoint the root causes of your challenges. Through a collaborative discussion, we dissect your pain points, allowing us to prioritize and tackle your most pressing needs with tailored solutions. Finally, we focus on building and refining processes to ensure sustainable success, continuously monitoring and adjusting our strategies to align with your evolving business landscape.

  • Get Your Processes Report

    Start by clearly defining the problem you're facing. Understand the symptoms and root causes. Gather relevant information and data to gain a comprehensive view of the issue

  • Discuss Company Pain Points

    Dive deeper into the problem by breaking it down into smaller components. Analyze the causes and effects of each component. Brainstorm potential solutions and evaluate their feasibility. Develop a strategic plan for addressing the problem.

  • Prioritize the Top Needs

    Put your plan into action. Execute the chosen solution methodically. Allocate resources, assign responsibilities, and set milestones. Monitor the progress closely and make necessary adjustments along the way.

  • Start Building Processes

    After implementing the solution, assess its effectiveness. Did it solve the problem as intended? Evaluate the outcomes, both positive and negative. Identify lessons learned and areas for improvement in future problem-solving endeavors.

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Mike Gorritz

He is the former Head of Organizational Development for a 7-Time National Inc. 5,000 Company. He has nearly 10 years of experience working on OD initiatives, which includes people, process, and performance interventions. Mike is a Certified OD Professional.


Ivan Mercado
President / Co-Founder

Ivan holds certifications in both Data Science and Machine Learning. He has two decades of working in sales, sales training, and developing sales systems in healthcare, manufacturing, and retail, with notable brands such as Guess, Fossil, and Jared.


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